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Naomi Bush (Gravity+)

Naomi Bush | WP SquareOne

Today on the podcast we chat with Naomi Bush. Naomi is the head of Gravity Forms and has previously worked for Stripe.   Aaron: [00:00:09] Hi, I’m Micah. Wait, no, I’m not. Hey, I’m Aaron and I have this other guy with me. Micah: [00:00:18] Micah Wood, and our guest today is Naomi Bush and she…

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Ben Pines (Elementor)

ben pines

Today on the podcast we chat with Ben Pines.  Ben is the CMO at Elementor in Israel.  Micah: [00:00:04] Hello, I’m Micah. Aaron: [00:00:05] And I am Aaron and we are recording the WP SquareOne podcast. We have Ben Pines here. He is the Head of Marketing at Elementor, the leading all-in-one design solutions for…

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Gary Kovar (Modern Tribe)

gary kovar

Today on the podcast we chat with Gary Kovar.  Gary is a backend dev at Modern Tribe. Aaron: [00:08] Good afternoon, this is Aaron. Micah: [00:10] And this is Micah, and you’re listening to the WP SquareOne podcast. Today, we have Gary Kovar with us. He is a backend dev at Modern Tribe. He’s located…

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Tom McFarlin (Pressware)

Transcription: Aaron: [00:02] Hi, I’m Aaron. Micah: [00:04] And I’m Micah. And you are listening to the WP Square One podcast. Today we have with us Tom McFarlin. He is a self-employed WordPress developer, dad of two girls, married to his high school sweetheart, and a sweet Instagram influencer for fifteen to twenty people at…

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Rich Tabor (ThemeBeans)

Transcription: Aaron: [00:02] Thank you for listening to the WP Square One podcast. I am Aaron, and unfortunately, Micah is out for today. Maybe I’ll be able to swing it. [00:13] I have a developer here; his name is Rich, and he is an all-around WordPress product guy with eight years of experience in the…

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Michael Heilemann (Creator of Kubrick) (not to be confused with Transcription: Micah: [00:01] Welcome, I’m Micah Wood. Aaron: [00:02] And I am Aaron Reiman from WP Square One and I’m here today or we’re here today with Michael Heilemann. How are you doing? Michael: [00:10] I’m good. How are you? Aaron: [00:12] Doing well. Michael is known in the…

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Kathy Drewien (DeltaPrimed)

Transcript:Kathy Drewien Aaron: [00:00] Hey, I’m Aaron Reimann. Micah: [00:03] And this is Micah Wood and welcome to the WP Square One Podcast. We are here with Kathy Drewien and I’m going to let Kathy give a quick introduction of herself. Kathy? Kathy: [00:16] These guys know me very, very well. They’re saying two minutes…

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